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I have a studio where I get to work and play every day; love it! I'm one of those displaced workers you here about so I do freelance work for companies on occasion but my main priority right now is to support myself doing what I love, which is art and design.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bargain Shopping for MOM;)

I've been window shopping for my Mom. Her birthday is a couple days from Mother's Day which makes it harder to choose both a birthday and a Mother's Day gift...

It seems the older our parents get, the less they need in terms of gifts and my Mom is no exception! The house is filled with stuff that doesn't fit in her building anymore. A recent move has created havoc in the home and everything has not found a new place. She is also somewhat of a 'pack rat'.

So what to get Mom?
She has begun to wear cooler shirts (as in fashionable) and loves the jeans I gave her for Christmas... I'm thinking of sending her to a salon for a modern cut but that only takes care of one gift... she has to have something to actually open up or it just doesn't FEEL right!

This year I am def going for more 'useful' gifts. She's very sentimental so I have to find just the right thing... it will be passed down for generations! So I'm going to check our my fellow etsian shops!

And she's not the only gift recipient. I'm sure all of you also have step-mothers, aunts, grandmas, sisters, etc to buy for! I have a step-mom, three sisters, and a special aunt on my list;)
I'm inviting you to this awesome sale going on tonight. It starts at 6pm so make some time this evening to check out some amazing shops online offering excellent discounts on everything you can think of... it will also give you wonderful ideas for everyone on your Mother's Day list this year!
and you'll be able to afford getting something for everyone on your list!!

Go here for a list of discounts and maybe take a browse thru some of the shops before the big sale!
I am also offering discounts from my shop!
Use the Coupon Code: shirt35 for 35% off any shirt in my shop!
Use the Code: 2shirt45 for 45% of ANY TWO items in my shop!

Here's a sampling of what's in my shop:

Custom TEXT pillow covers!
Heavywt Canvas Totes
Ready made & Custom Tees!
Henna inspired art blouse!
Bundle items & save more!
Decor for New Mothers!


Join us for a great sale and a wonderful shopping experience! The Promotional Frenzy team is hosting this event. If you have an etsy shop, you should def join us!! If you're looking for bargains on terrific gifts for Mom, don't forget to stop in!!
The link above will take you to a listing of shops now and will also give you the page where the sale is happening once it begins;)
See you there!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bayou Girl

Isn't it funny how we let all that everyday stuff overwhelm us and make us feel 'swamped'?
It's been over a month since I made time to sit and write down my thoughts for just this reason...

My recent employment outside my studio has totally sapped all my 'free' time! I was supposed to visit my daughter this weekend and have begged off so I can sit in front of the sewing machine. My sister and I work festivals during Spring and Summer and the season is starting April 30th! Geez! How am I gonna fill up a 10x10 tent with the inventory I have right now?

If I have a good day (and heck yeah, I want to have a great day everyday at every event) I'd be out in One day... so alas, I must work instead of traveling and hanging with my babies;(

So here is a preview of what I'm working on for the first shows. I have to admit I am undecided as to whether I should offer everything I do or limit items. Have any of you done craft shows, festivals, fairs, etc? How did you do? What advice can you give me on variety?

My Air-Dye technique
Pillow designs;)
Newest Air-Dye with hand-drawn accents


I have my regular Airbrush tee inventory (as in my shop), pennant art, soft/applique art, and other airbrush items... oh, and my vanity tags and name signs!

Name Sign example
Vanity tags- these are On Sale!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ready to Spring Forward!

There is debate over moving our clocks back and forth but I like springing forward. One reason is because I like daylight 'seeming' to stretch; it gives me the illusion of more time and that automatically inspires me to do more with the time I have.

So I am definitely needing to be more efficient. I just started working outside my studio a couple weeks ago and I'm enjoying the job and being out in public more (lol) but I miss spending so much time with my art and crafty projects. I miss sleeping in whenever I want too but having that steady paycheck really makes up for that little inconvenience. Thank You God for my generous blessings!

How often do you thank God? I've been giving this some thought over the past few days, especially when driving since this is the time I listen to my contemporary christian stations and get to meditate a bit on my day, my life, and my spirituality... ok, I'm not meaning to turn this post into a spiritual discussion (that will be another day) but I remember watching that Oprah episode, how many years ago? where she advised keeping a 'Grateful Journal'. Let's see a show of hands: who saw it? and who started doing it?

I actually did start doing it and it made me feel better; it made me happier because I actually took a moment to think about all the things in life I enjoyed, appreciated, and loved. It also made me appreciate those little trials one must go thru to be more grateful for all those little and big things we sometimes take for granted.

So with the Spring and new beginnings, I'm going to begin doing this again- keeping a Grateful Journal. It's a good thing.. now I sound like Martha Stewart. LOL if you really knew me that comment would be sooo funny!!

Other Spring Resolutions:
  • get up earlier to walk on treadmill or elliptical (I recently uncovered them!)
  • start writing every day- even if it is only one page! I promised my daughter I would have a certain book complete by summer- ugh!
  • spend at least an hour a day reading something beneficial (not janet evanovich- don't you just love her!)
  • try to eat 3-4 times a day... I tend to forget and only eat 1-2 times which I understand may be what keeps me from losing more weight - go figure!
  • maybe be a little more like Martha Stewart-lol
  • attempt to be less hermit-like ;)
  • paint every day!
 Here is my latest painting called New Growth... perfect for Spring;)

Go to my shop page to see the meanings of New Growth - thanks for checking it out!
© Copyright 2011 Cyndie Bumgarner
'New Growth' depicts my interpretation of the Tree of Life and the Circle of Life. I believe we are all connected, bound by our roots in/of Mother Nature and Heavenly Father. It is our nature to grow, mature, and pass along our knowledge and understandings...

What are your ambitions for Spring? How are you going to spend your time? and do you keep a Grateful Journal or have another way you keep grounded and happy? I really want to know!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

River Walking with Avery

I've been here at my daughter's house (apartment) to care for Avery, my 10 yr old grandson, while she is working in San Francisco. We get along great most of the time but we have both been shut up in our rooms for what seems days! He on his game systems or watching Netflix and I on etsy, blogging, or reading...

We've been living like hermits after our one trip to Taco Bell and to get groceries! It is sooo dang gorgeous outside this week and I did at least open windows for fresh air and little breezes, but today the sunshine was calling... wooing me to power off my laptop, pack a goody bag and walk by the river.

So I gave in and it wasn't too hard to get Avery to join me with some snacks and allowing him to bring one of those pocket game versions. We had a lovely walk through the few blocks to the boarded riverwalk, strolled along under the trees full of hanging spanish moss... this little town is truly a gem! I lived in this area myself for many years, albeit closer to the ocean in the thick of the resort traffic and hub-bub. I wish I had come inland 10 miles to enjoy the history and charm of Conway, SC.
It's Me!
Avery ;)

 I don't have any pictures of the town to post right now... I mistakenly took the wrong camera with me but I plan to walk again tomorrow and take plenty!

Cool Concept and Little Lovelies

I love running into someone on the street and feeling like I've known them my whole life.
It's such a pleasure to make an instant new friend! It's good to feel a similar kinship in a fellow artist. One of the members in the Madcap Life team (see links for the team to the left) appeals to me. Maybe it's because we're almost neighbors in Carolina, or his willingness to help other members, or his activity in the group... I think what it really is IS his ability to take a piece of wood (already beautiful- or not) and create something more beautiful that people can use and feel against their skin...

it's important for us to connect to nature. Isn't wearing a piece of it around your neck or gripping it in your hand for support a wonderful way to remember Mother Earth, where we come from, and connect?

Meet Hal Papan! His shops are You Wood Like This (and you would like this!) and Stick Staff Cane.

His favorite things to work with?
Peace & Eco Harmony Necklace
sharp tools
imagination (presumably his own)

Please check out both shops for stunning jewelry, ornaments, and other treasures AND if you would like a stick, staff, or cane for hiking and walking. Hal says "I use a cane to keep from falling down."

Wooden Spirit Cane- go see the rest!

Hal has created a new treasury called Peak at the Future: Items Under Construction... as a place for other artists to showcase works in progress, custom orders, or custom items. He plans to create more of this kind and I will, of course, keep you updated. (click Follow now)

This is a terrific concept and he deserves kudos!

Show some love to his most recent addition to his treasury list. Here's a sneak peek:

Jughead by 1234Jackie
Natural Perfume by Sweet Anthem

Enjoy these finds. 
Take your shoes off today and feel the earth beneath bare feet! It's a good thing to do!

Friday, February 18, 2011

How often do you get to sit down with a good book?
I used to read hours every day. Now I get by on a few hours a week... so what I read is more important to me. Right now, I am reading Light in The Wilderness (I will blog about it later) by M. Catherine Thomas.

I come across Friday Reads on twitter and thought I'd share with you. So when you have time to curl up with a cup of tea you may want to be holding one of these;)

Let me know what you're reading now or one of your favorites!
I'd love to hear your comments;)

Green Grass and Blue Skies

I love spring! 
even though I have been waking up with stuffy headaches... wait, that may be because I've been staying up later too. My body does not like change. My mind says yes! body says no! mind says You Better!

Hi! It's me and my daughter;)
One thing that has kept me up later is my new FB page for Modbrush- yah!!! Please check it out and leave me some feedback! (be nice please... it is new and vulnerable and lonely...) I will be adding things daily. It's a lot more work than my personal page... what have I gotten myself into??
ModBrush FB Page!

But it is fun! Everything I am working on now is. Modbrush shop on etsy is getting revisions. My daughter took some awesome photos of my art and I am posting them later today. I'm sooo proud of them!

Mayflower has a great new treasury and she was kind enough to include my little vintage woodland flower clip-on earrings in it;) Check out her lovely collection to see my little jewels and 15 other great items to inspired by springy blues and greens. It's right here!
Here's a couple sneek-peeks!

Home Decor by CherryWalls

Beads by Bijii Bijoux

My own Vintage Little Woodland Flower clip-ons!
Does everybody love turquoise? I didn't realize there were so many different kinds and that the value varies a lot on the kind and cut of it... I have a terrific silver and turquoise bracelet I need to take to the jewelers. It is worn out! but still so gorgeous! It was a great find for only a few dollars at a flea market... can't part with it!
BijiiBijoux' beads are a Chinese Turquoise and are quite lovely!

Our Frenzy Team 
is creating FIVE wonderful collections throughout the day.
Little birdies from im2keys
St Patty's Day cupcake kit;)

Treehouse Herbs just posted this one at 10:00am called The Birds and The Bees and Some Color. Check it out for some great finds.

Let's Turn up the Heat was posted at Midnight by My Handmade Crafts

Delish Cherry Cheesecake Fudge!
Pink Petal crocheted Neck Art;)

You can help spread the word by Tweeting, Stumbling, or posting a link to my blog on your Facebook! If you are an artisan or crafter, let us know where to find you too!

A new treasury posted at 2:00 by Glitterbird Glamour  called Perfectly Natural  and it is perfectly beautiful! Muted tones in blue, red, and gray... soft and lovely. Please go see it.

Grapevine & Shell Floral- Beautiful!
Tulip Drop Dangles by Krystals Jewelry

Thinking Pink is always fun... my daughter is a pink PINK freak, any shade! My favorite is very pale; the items Terra Verde Goods found on etsy today for her 4:00 treasury is soft and mellow and 'pink'. Here's a couple items she chose but go see them all!

A peek from AnnieDesign
A treat from SoftlySweetly- yum!

 Another collection called Colorful Days Waiting the Spring (very poetic) has brighter colors of yellow (yah!) blues, and red/oranges. It was put together by LBtoyos

A beauty from Laurali
Chocolate Orange Truffles!

Here's a collection by Always Snazzy featuring one of my shirts (another yah!) Nothing says it like Red!
Tribal Heart by GaleazGlass
My sweet little Chandelier Tshirt!

I hope you enjoy all these etsy finds!! Let me know which ones you like and want to visit again!
You can help Handmade Artisans spread the word by Tweeting, Stumbling, or posting a link to my blog on your Facebook!

If you are an artisan or crafter, let us know where to find you too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Want Mustard with Your Coffee?

That does sound quite horrible, doesn't it?
Unless you're putting the mustard on your eggs with your morning coffee...

Actually, I am referring to the colors Mustard and Coffee. I absolutely adore a dark brown and my favorite color is yellow. Jewelry with both tones really appeal to me.

My daughter once said that brown is the color of "E". By that, she meant that it is plain, unassuming, sort of blends into the background, perhaps over-used... like the letter "E" (so plain it is often silent!). Take a look at  Coffee Beans Ahhhh.. though. It is vibrant and rich like warm chocolate cake and strong coffee!

This mug cozy looks good enough to eat!
Yummmy Goodness!!

This steamy collection was created by another etsy shop (galla15) who makes really beautiful jewelry!
Handcrafted Czech Glass Button rings, and Swarovski rings! Handmade, wire wrapped Button rings, Pearl and Crystal earrings, necklaces and more unique jewelry. She can also use sterling silver, or gold filled, or pure gold upon request for an additional fee.
She is having a contest!WIN A Swarovski Ring in this Contest! Now through February 14th!
See how to enter here!

Yellow coordinates with everything and makes us happier. It is scientifically proven to improve mood! You need more yellow in your life! Here are some amazing little treasures found by Tyss Handmade Jewelry; her style has a simple elegance.

This is not caramel popcorn...

and this is not a sweet powder to add to your cocoa!

Check out the Stunning Mustard beauties here.  Enjoy mustard with your coffee today!

Day Tripping ... to see my Babies!

I've had such a busy busy week! That's a good thing. Part of it was spent trying to learn more about blogging and tweeting and stumbling... it even sounds tiring! But I've also been having lots of fun with it.

A local church had me do a design for them and I've been airbrushing shirts for the congregation. I wanted to get the first round of them finished before I left town to visit my daughter and grandson. I also did a mock-up for their motorcycle ministry jacket patches. Here's some pix of the shirts they wanted.

This version shows the main design on the front with a gear symbol with church info center back near the collar.
This version shows the main design on the back with the church name and logo on the front.
I think they look so pretty stacked. I'm showing one of each color they chose in this shot. 

This would be a very cool version of the 'Family Tree', just tweak it a bit to make the gears central to the family's values or the names of each person in the family... or a Club or Team shirt (hmmm)
the 2nd side could be customized with person's name, player number, monogram initial, or other.

This morning I had to decide what I was bringing with me, pack my clothes, pack the car, shower... it was 11:00am before I got gone. Normally, I wouldn't have taken so long but another reason for this trip is to get my daughter to take professional photos of my paintings so I can have quality prints done. I guess I could have quality prints done anyway but I do not know about shadows and light and composition and such... I just sit the painting up and snap a picture on my little digital... who'd want that to hang on their wall?

Stephanie is an awesome photographer! It's how she makes her living when she's not finishing up her last year of college. Check out her website - she is not your everyday snapper! Actually, that is why I come down at this time. She is flying across country to do a wedding! I'm jealous because it is in San Diego and I've never been and I hear it is absolutely beautiful... just like my little girl!


I'm looking forward to hanging with my babies... but I brought work with me too. I'm updating my listings and tweaking my shop on etsy. Please check out my shops if you haven't already!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me ...

I now have a Twitter account! Chirps all round! Winged applause!!
Please follow my tweets and let me know if you fly around so I can see what you're up to as well!

Speaking of birdies!
One of my favorite pieces was featured in a Treasury called Midnight on etsy. The collection was put together by a charming 14yr old (Taylor) who has a photography shop. Check out Midnight and Taylor's shop called  The Forest Faery.
This is the painting Taylor chose to showcase! 

Many pieces in my Airbrush Shop and my paintings are birds. I put them all together in a little collection. Which one/s do you like most? Please make a comment below the Treasury itself or come back here and share!  Click on the items in my A Little Birdie Told Me... collection to see larger images and the story or meaning behind each one. Thanks so much for your input! Here's a few samples:

I am having so much fun creating new designs, especially owlies and peacocks. I do henna tattoos in warm weather at festivals and have taken that flowing, swirling design as inspiration for the peacocks. I began doodling owls for all the new babies in the family...

I'm also having a good time writing and hope all of you enjoy my ramblings!
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones and friends! I'm excited to see my own out-of-staters this week- Yah!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Southern Nature Jewelry Maker

I recently joined a team of artists that are fast becoming like family... you know how I feel about family!
One lady on the team makes FANtastic jewelry that reminds me of the beauty found in nature. All of her work is good and deserves oohhs and ahhs. Some of her pieces are truly ART! Go to Momadonna's shop for hours of enjoyable shopping pleasure!

A few of my favorites:
Can you see the possibilities- how many outfits you can dress up with this colorful and funky flower- LOVE IT!
these sweet little earrings make me remember summer walks down a dirt road, stopping to sip the nectar from honeysuckle... oh to be ten again!
Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... perfect little BumbleBees! and no fear of stepping on them when barefoot if they're resting on your ears! Great color for year round wear. Bumble Bees are a lucky symbol too, aren't they?

See more treasures from Momadonna here!

One reason I want you to see Momadonna's work is she is going through a really hard time right now. In my last post, I told you how I've been reminded about the important things in life. So, this lovely lady's story really touched my heart. I had to go immediately and check out her shop and now I'm sharing it with you.

Her husband is in the hospital. He had surgery Friday a week ago and is still in ICU. She has been spending all her time with him... so nobody is working bringing income in. They are both self-employed during these difficult economic times and now they are struggling.

My heart and prayers go out to them. This is a way we can help a total stranger. That's one of those things that make us human, shows we have a heart, that we care for something or someone other than ourselves....
ok, I'm off the soapbox. Show some support any way you can and buy a lovely piece of jewelry for yourself or your mom or your sister or that BFF for Valentine's, Mother's Day or birthday.

It's a nice thing to do, y'all!
You can see a very nice sampling of this jewelry designer's work in this treasury curated by New Creationz, another terrific artisan worth checking out!