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Friday, February 18, 2011

Green Grass and Blue Skies

I love spring! 
even though I have been waking up with stuffy headaches... wait, that may be because I've been staying up later too. My body does not like change. My mind says yes! body says no! mind says You Better!

Hi! It's me and my daughter;)
One thing that has kept me up later is my new FB page for Modbrush- yah!!! Please check it out and leave me some feedback! (be nice please... it is new and vulnerable and lonely...) I will be adding things daily. It's a lot more work than my personal page... what have I gotten myself into??
ModBrush FB Page!

But it is fun! Everything I am working on now is. Modbrush shop on etsy is getting revisions. My daughter took some awesome photos of my art and I am posting them later today. I'm sooo proud of them!

Mayflower has a great new treasury and she was kind enough to include my little vintage woodland flower clip-on earrings in it;) Check out her lovely collection to see my little jewels and 15 other great items to inspired by springy blues and greens. It's right here!
Here's a couple sneek-peeks!

Home Decor by CherryWalls

Beads by Bijii Bijoux

My own Vintage Little Woodland Flower clip-ons!
Does everybody love turquoise? I didn't realize there were so many different kinds and that the value varies a lot on the kind and cut of it... I have a terrific silver and turquoise bracelet I need to take to the jewelers. It is worn out! but still so gorgeous! It was a great find for only a few dollars at a flea market... can't part with it!
BijiiBijoux' beads are a Chinese Turquoise and are quite lovely!

Our Frenzy Team 
is creating FIVE wonderful collections throughout the day.
Little birdies from im2keys
St Patty's Day cupcake kit;)

Treehouse Herbs just posted this one at 10:00am called The Birds and The Bees and Some Color. Check it out for some great finds.

Let's Turn up the Heat was posted at Midnight by My Handmade Crafts

Delish Cherry Cheesecake Fudge!
Pink Petal crocheted Neck Art;)

You can help spread the word by Tweeting, Stumbling, or posting a link to my blog on your Facebook! If you are an artisan or crafter, let us know where to find you too!

A new treasury posted at 2:00 by Glitterbird Glamour  called Perfectly Natural  and it is perfectly beautiful! Muted tones in blue, red, and gray... soft and lovely. Please go see it.

Grapevine & Shell Floral- Beautiful!
Tulip Drop Dangles by Krystals Jewelry

Thinking Pink is always fun... my daughter is a pink PINK freak, any shade! My favorite is very pale; the items Terra Verde Goods found on etsy today for her 4:00 treasury is soft and mellow and 'pink'. Here's a couple items she chose but go see them all!

A peek from AnnieDesign
A treat from SoftlySweetly- yum!

 Another collection called Colorful Days Waiting the Spring (very poetic) has brighter colors of yellow (yah!) blues, and red/oranges. It was put together by LBtoyos

A beauty from Laurali
Chocolate Orange Truffles!

Here's a collection by Always Snazzy featuring one of my shirts (another yah!) Nothing says it like Red!
Tribal Heart by GaleazGlass
My sweet little Chandelier Tshirt!

I hope you enjoy all these etsy finds!! Let me know which ones you like and want to visit again!
You can help Handmade Artisans spread the word by Tweeting, Stumbling, or posting a link to my blog on your Facebook!

If you are an artisan or crafter, let us know where to find you too!


  1. Very nice post! It's so thoughtful of you to blog about today's Team Treasuries ... THANKS :D

  2. I agree with Jill! Thanks so much for posting the team's treasuries! It's a great post.

  3. Wow this is beautiful!!
    How nice of you to add my green necklace to your blog!
    Thank you so much.

  4. what a great post! thank you for including me- we belong to a pretty super team ♥

  5. Wow!! Thank you so much for including my red glass heart in your blog--I truly appreciate it. And great job of promoting the team!!! (Galeaz glass)

  6. awesome post@!!! thanks and welcome to the frenzy team!