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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Tripping ... to see my Babies!

I've had such a busy busy week! That's a good thing. Part of it was spent trying to learn more about blogging and tweeting and stumbling... it even sounds tiring! But I've also been having lots of fun with it.

A local church had me do a design for them and I've been airbrushing shirts for the congregation. I wanted to get the first round of them finished before I left town to visit my daughter and grandson. I also did a mock-up for their motorcycle ministry jacket patches. Here's some pix of the shirts they wanted.

This version shows the main design on the front with a gear symbol with church info center back near the collar.
This version shows the main design on the back with the church name and logo on the front.
I think they look so pretty stacked. I'm showing one of each color they chose in this shot. 

This would be a very cool version of the 'Family Tree', just tweak it a bit to make the gears central to the family's values or the names of each person in the family... or a Club or Team shirt (hmmm)
the 2nd side could be customized with person's name, player number, monogram initial, or other.

This morning I had to decide what I was bringing with me, pack my clothes, pack the car, shower... it was 11:00am before I got gone. Normally, I wouldn't have taken so long but another reason for this trip is to get my daughter to take professional photos of my paintings so I can have quality prints done. I guess I could have quality prints done anyway but I do not know about shadows and light and composition and such... I just sit the painting up and snap a picture on my little digital... who'd want that to hang on their wall?

Stephanie is an awesome photographer! It's how she makes her living when she's not finishing up her last year of college. Check out her website - she is not your everyday snapper! Actually, that is why I come down at this time. She is flying across country to do a wedding! I'm jealous because it is in San Diego and I've never been and I hear it is absolutely beautiful... just like my little girl!


I'm looking forward to hanging with my babies... but I brought work with me too. I'm updating my listings and tweaking my shop on etsy. Please check out my shops if you haven't already!

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  1. Nice T-shirts- have a great time visiting! :D