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I have a studio where I get to work and play every day; love it! I'm one of those displaced workers you here about so I do freelance work for companies on occasion but my main priority right now is to support myself doing what I love, which is art and design.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Mission if You Choose to Accept...

Okay, I have finally decided to accept the challenge and dive right in here!
I'm one of those over something-something's who have been refusing to catch up with technology and her kids; so the kids win out this time. And I'm not talking just about my kids. I'm talking about all you kids younger than all of us over-something's... I have to admit that playing with the techy toys is a little fun!

My first post is just a hello to let you know I am here; I made it!
I'll be here as often as I can tear myself away from painting shirts and designing awesome, amazing bags and creating weird stuff in my studio. I also spend some time on etsy.com and will share my creations and those of other artisans and treasure finders here.

Hope we become friends.
We all need more friends!



  1. Great first post! and congrats on your new blog!

  2. Great start! I can't wait to find out more. I just started my blog yesterday too. Stop by if you have a chance.


  3. You did awesome!! I enjoyed reading it:)