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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me ...

I now have a Twitter account! Chirps all round! Winged applause!!
Please follow my tweets and let me know if you fly around so I can see what you're up to as well!

Speaking of birdies!
One of my favorite pieces was featured in a Treasury called Midnight on etsy. The collection was put together by a charming 14yr old (Taylor) who has a photography shop. Check out Midnight and Taylor's shop called  The Forest Faery.
This is the painting Taylor chose to showcase! 

Many pieces in my Airbrush Shop and my paintings are birds. I put them all together in a little collection. Which one/s do you like most? Please make a comment below the Treasury itself or come back here and share!  Click on the items in my A Little Birdie Told Me... collection to see larger images and the story or meaning behind each one. Thanks so much for your input! Here's a few samples:

I am having so much fun creating new designs, especially owlies and peacocks. I do henna tattoos in warm weather at festivals and have taken that flowing, swirling design as inspiration for the peacocks. I began doodling owls for all the new babies in the family...

I'm also having a good time writing and hope all of you enjoy my ramblings!
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones and friends! I'm excited to see my own out-of-staters this week- Yah!!

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  1. Thank so much for posting a link to my treasury and shop! :D That's funny that I included one of your favorite pieces without knowing it. :) I think it's neat, too!

    See you around Etsy!

    Taylor <3