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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bargain Shopping for MOM;)

I've been window shopping for my Mom. Her birthday is a couple days from Mother's Day which makes it harder to choose both a birthday and a Mother's Day gift...

It seems the older our parents get, the less they need in terms of gifts and my Mom is no exception! The house is filled with stuff that doesn't fit in her building anymore. A recent move has created havoc in the home and everything has not found a new place. She is also somewhat of a 'pack rat'.

So what to get Mom?
She has begun to wear cooler shirts (as in fashionable) and loves the jeans I gave her for Christmas... I'm thinking of sending her to a salon for a modern cut but that only takes care of one gift... she has to have something to actually open up or it just doesn't FEEL right!

This year I am def going for more 'useful' gifts. She's very sentimental so I have to find just the right thing... it will be passed down for generations! So I'm going to check our my fellow etsian shops!

And she's not the only gift recipient. I'm sure all of you also have step-mothers, aunts, grandmas, sisters, etc to buy for! I have a step-mom, three sisters, and a special aunt on my list;)
I'm inviting you to this awesome sale going on tonight. It starts at 6pm so make some time this evening to check out some amazing shops online offering excellent discounts on everything you can think of... it will also give you wonderful ideas for everyone on your Mother's Day list this year!
and you'll be able to afford getting something for everyone on your list!!

Go here for a list of discounts and maybe take a browse thru some of the shops before the big sale!
I am also offering discounts from my shop!
Use the Coupon Code: shirt35 for 35% off any shirt in my shop!
Use the Code: 2shirt45 for 45% of ANY TWO items in my shop!

Here's a sampling of what's in my shop:

Custom TEXT pillow covers!
Heavywt Canvas Totes
Ready made & Custom Tees!
Henna inspired art blouse!
Bundle items & save more!
Decor for New Mothers!


Join us for a great sale and a wonderful shopping experience! The Promotional Frenzy team is hosting this event. If you have an etsy shop, you should def join us!! If you're looking for bargains on terrific gifts for Mom, don't forget to stop in!!
The link above will take you to a listing of shops now and will also give you the page where the sale is happening once it begins;)
See you there!

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  1. Good luck finding stuff for your mom!

    Coupon codes are a good idea for holidays like this. :) I hope you get some sales! <3