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I have a studio where I get to work and play every day; love it! I'm one of those displaced workers you here about so I do freelance work for companies on occasion but my main priority right now is to support myself doing what I love, which is art and design.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bayou Girl

Isn't it funny how we let all that everyday stuff overwhelm us and make us feel 'swamped'?
It's been over a month since I made time to sit and write down my thoughts for just this reason...

My recent employment outside my studio has totally sapped all my 'free' time! I was supposed to visit my daughter this weekend and have begged off so I can sit in front of the sewing machine. My sister and I work festivals during Spring and Summer and the season is starting April 30th! Geez! How am I gonna fill up a 10x10 tent with the inventory I have right now?

If I have a good day (and heck yeah, I want to have a great day everyday at every event) I'd be out in One day... so alas, I must work instead of traveling and hanging with my babies;(

So here is a preview of what I'm working on for the first shows. I have to admit I am undecided as to whether I should offer everything I do or limit items. Have any of you done craft shows, festivals, fairs, etc? How did you do? What advice can you give me on variety?

My Air-Dye technique
Pillow designs;)
Newest Air-Dye with hand-drawn accents


I have my regular Airbrush tee inventory (as in my shop), pennant art, soft/applique art, and other airbrush items... oh, and my vanity tags and name signs!

Name Sign example
Vanity tags- these are On Sale!


  1. Good luck at your first show, and welcome back to blogworld! It's good to "see" you again! :)

    Taylor Lynn <3

  2. Very cute, and good luck!! <3
    I hope to read another post, soon ;)